Saujanya Subba

A renowned actress in Nepali movie industry, Saujanya Subba, entered this field in 2058 B.S. with a movie “Bakshish” and after this movie, she only played in TV serials for more than 4 years. It hasn’t been too long that she re-entered in movies. Now a day, she is busy in a TV serial “Aarati” which is under her own production company. Recently, she is seen active in promotion of her movie “Ma Chu ni Timro” , “Jai Hoss” and "Swabhiman". Suggestions for new comers: According to her, the new comers are over ambitious. To last long in this field , she suggests them to be more passionate in their work and respect their seniors in the field. And, definitely talent and acting is in the top of "Must Have List". Why ??? I have worked with Kabindra Dai couple of times before too and the experience is always exciting. He does not stop clicking photos until he gets the right expressions and posture and thats why I love having a photo-shoot with him.

DOB Dec 31
Zodiac Capricorn
Height5 Ft. 3 inches
Waist 27 in
Bust 34 in
Eye Black
Hair Brown

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