Basundhara Bhusal

She is someone who has seen the Nepali film industry grow. Her presence in films has already crossed 50 years, but she is still active and working today. Basundhara Bhusal, famously known as "Nakkali", has seen every up and down of the film industry. She had acted as a child in Aama, the first film to be made in Nepal. Since then, she has never looked back and has established herself as one of the most respected actors in the industry. She has already acted in 135 films, more than 65 television serials and more than 40 plays. But the count still goes on. "The struggles I have made to enter and survive in this industry were not so easy."says she. She got married to Chet Narayan Bhusal on 2024 B.S. They have three children.

DOB Nov 30

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