Usha Paudel

Beautiful, talented and frank natured Usha Paudel, is well known for her splendid acting and on screen performance. She was always interested in dancing; right from my childhood. When she was 13 years old she performed at a program and a gentleman from Audio Sound Industries happen to be present and he noticed her. That gentleman introduced her to the movie producer Ramkrishna Bajagai who offered her a role in his movie ‘Jangay’ but since she was just a kid, she could not do the role but later he did give her her first break in ‘Karma’. As she used to perform on stage before she did not have any hassle facing the camera for the first time, and director Dayaram Dahal also helped her out. Hows the movie industry ?? Usha >> When I used to go to a movie as a spectator, I used to hear a lot of bad things about different actresses. But when I myself entered the movie industry as an actress I came to know that all the talks and gossip were presented without knowing the truth and fact about the particular actresses. Actually there is no dark side or negative aspect to the movie industry, its just that things are exaggerated more than what it actually is. As far as I know all the news and scandals that are published in the magazines are all fake or someone publishes them just to settle their grudges. I became all clear on this matter once I entered the movie industry.

DOB Jul 18
Zodiac Cancer
Height5 Ft. 4 inches
Waist 25 in
Bust 34 in
Eye Black
Hair Black


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