Richa Singh Thakuri

Richa started her career with a music video from 2010 AD. She debuted as an actress with the movie “Nai Navannu La”. She has done more than 20 music videos and has done several movies. Her up-coming movie is “Mann Paraye Maya Laye”. In free time, she like to surf internet, watch cartoon, travel, change the interior of her home and if she still has got time then she likes to read as well. How was the photo-shoot?? >>Richa: “It was a memorable one as I had never done a photo-shoot with both still and movie camera together. It was a good experience.”

DOB Jul 22
Zodiac Scorpio
Height5 Ft. 4 inches
Waist 25 in
Bust 33 in
Eye Black
Hair Brown

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