Nirnaya Da Nsk

Nirnaya is a popular rapper com singer in Nepal. He started his career with the album "Fo Ya All[2000]".Apart from singing and rapping, he is also a Rj in Image FM. He is also working on " Nirnaya Da NSKs Tour For Education which was stated since 2006 with the aim of providing good education to children. How was the photo-shoot?? Nirnaya- "I really do not know how to act and I am very bad at giving expressions, I think, so I am a person that really does not like to have photo sessions but this definetely was a great fun experience. It was great working with Kabindra Dai and Bishu Chemjong. Bishnu with her expression makes the photo talk while Kabindra Ji with his camera angles and techniques makes the camera talk. So, it was easy for me since I could just be myself"

DOB Feb 15
Zodiac Aquarius
Height5 Ft. 7 inches
Hair Black


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