Jiya K.C.

Jiya K.C. debuted with the movie "Veedi Goath"-a film by Keshor Subba, with star cast like Rajesh Hamal, Jharana Thapa etc. Apart from her debut movie she has also done movies like Aagni sakchi, aafnai Mann Lai Sodhe Hera, Purano Hudaina Maya, Bacha,Timrai Ho ya Mann, Rudrakchya, ATN (2012) etc. Her future plan is to continue acting in movies. To her love is a necessity. The world is nothing without love. How was the photo-shoot? Jiya -" I enjoyed a lot. As I am new in the movie field, this photo-shoot was also a new wonderful experience. The entire team of Kathmandu Craze is really very friendly and I was comfortable shooting here. As a whole, it was a fun experience."

DOB Aug 24
Zodiac Virgo
Height5 Ft. 4 inches
Waist 30 in
Bust 36 in
Eye Green
Hair Black

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