Jenisha K.C.

Jenisha debuted as an actress on 2008 A.D. with the movie “Giraftar”. Since then she has been working in movies till date. She has done movies like “Dosti”, “Flash Back”, “Love in China Border” etc. She wants to keep on working in this movie field as an actress and director later. On her free time, she loves travelling, exercising and mostly swimming. She suggests the new-comers to come in this field only when you have complete knowledge of this field. One must be capable and talented. >>What is love?? Have you been in love?? Jenisha: “Love is of different kinds. It is different with the relation. There is love between a mother and her child, between boy and a girl, etc. Well, I haven’t been in love like that of a boy and a girl. There are only rumors about my boyfriend in this field.” >>Some weekly paper says that you have watched blue-films too. Is it true?? Jenisha: “Well, it’s my personal matter. The paper has wrongly publicized that topic.” How was the photo-shoot here?? Jenisha: “It was good. I have done photo-shoots in other sites too and the difference I found here is that the photographer Kabindra Dai is very frank and friendly. I like the way he clicks photos and teaches different poses."

DOB Jan 20
Zodiac Aries
Height5 Ft. 7 inches
Waist 26 in
Bust 35 in
Eye Brown
Hair Dark Brown

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