Garimaa Panta

Garima Panta is not entirely a new face in the field. The upcoming actress started off her career through the TV serial “Chahana Man Ko” and has “Nikhil Dai” for her first movie. She believes that to do well in the cinema field, one has to believe in oneself and his/her task and not forget what the ultimate aim is. And that’s the message she wants to give to all those interested in entering the film industry. She intends to stick to her current career path for now and give her best towards her job. Why This website is doing its best to provide platform to talented models, old and new. I personally feel that it’s easy to work here, and it gives me a chance to present myself as comfortably as possible.

DOB Sep 19
Zodiac Aquarius
Height5 Ft. 4 inches
Waist 24 in
Bust 35 in
Eye Black
Hair Black

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