Adrian Pradhan

Adrian Pradhan, a vocalist, composer and a song writer began his musical journey from his school days where he learned music and was also involved as a member of a school choir at St. Augustine, Kalimpong ( Class 1-4 ). Mouth organ and a keyboard was the first musical instrument he started this journey with and later he picked up the guitar in the year 1989 and then switched to drums in the year 1995. His first band was "Eurika" and this was the band with which he played his first ever gig. This was while he was in class 10 for a fundraising concert for the Blind School, Kalimpong. Thenafter he was involved with the band "Flames", which later toured India and was also featured in sun magazine (Indian Edition). >>Journey to Kathmandu! He came to Kathmandu in year 1994 and started teaching english and giving guitar lessons at Little Angels School for three years before joining Galaxy Public School. He initially started playing with 1974 AD in 1994 as a piano player and featured permanently in the band since 1998 as a vocalist, drummer and a harmonica player. He is also involved in his solo projects and albums like Aaaja, Ballad, Janani and Saath. Apart from Music he is also a big movie buff and a huge fan of Al Pacino, Robert de Niro, Brad Pitt, Jack Black, Priyanka Chopra, Amir Khan. The Godfather and Sholey are his all time favorite movies. He is also a big nature lover and loves hiking. Generally he listens to Hard Rock Music like Deep Purple, Iron Maiden and other rock music. He likes Indian Classical music too.

DOB Aug 18
Zodiac Leo
Height5 feet 9 inches
Bust 35 in


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