First Nepali Model: Dully Gurung

First Nepali Model: Dully Gurung
  • Date: 07 Apr, 2016
  • Organized By:
  • Venue: Patan
  • Photographs: Kathmandu Craze

Dully gurung is the first nepali model. She entered this field from a noodles’ advertisement and she is a girl with multi talent . She is involved in many sectors also. So here goes some more information about her gained by

1) Can you tell us about your childhood?

As you know we are gurung and my mother is actually from Manipur side of India and my father belonged to Shelong but since my father was British army I was born in Malaysia. I was grown up in India and Malaysia both. I came to Nepal when I was reading in class 3 /4 and joined in Modern Indian School .Since then we settled in Nepal.  

2) Were you interested to this modeling field from your childhood?

No, actually one day I was riding bicycle at that time one person came and asked me if I was interested to be a model. I always wanted to do new things so I agreed and he was Prem Upadhya brother so I accepted to do it. I did not care about what I could get from it but after a period it started developing and improving. But after that I wasn't in Nepal, I went out of the country and I left it.

3) As you entered to this field from the noodle advertisement so, how was your continuety in this field?

Well I did nothing in Nepal as I wasn't here. I was in Hongkong and eventually in Phillippine. I got offers. I started getting eventually famous. I became famous  as Dully Duran as I couldn’t call myself as Gurung, Nepali or anythingelse. They thought me Spanish,I said it’s okay.We can find many phillipino Spanish mix ups there. They thought I was so. I wanted someone to help me out of the people and I stayed as “mistisha””, they call so to the mix ups. I became dj also. It was in eighties. I was one of the famous dj at that time. I used to come in all the top magazines, all the covers. I did lots of adds also.I did Cetcom’s ChikaChikaChiks also which was no.1 rated programme of that time bradcasted through Abcba channel.

4) How did you enter to this field ?

I came to this field when I was 15 or 16 years old . I didn’t have any plan to be a model or an actress. My father died when I was very young. So, I had to look after my mother and house. I used to be busy in cooking, washing and I had to study also at the same time. I hadn’t thought of getting into it. Somehow I got into it but it wasn’t a plan or I hadn’t thought to be a model. Actually, my cousin was an airhostess, so, I had once thought why not to be an airhostess.

5) Can you tell us how did you meet your husband Nirakar sir who is the base guitarist also? How did you get married?

I met him in party when Sunaja came to invite me in her brother’s engagement .Actually ,my sister Rachana Gurung Sharma insisted me saying many old friends of mine would gather there and I could get chance to meet all of them. So, I had been there and I met him there. We were good friends for one or two years. It was arrange-love marriage. We did love and married in understanding.

6) How do you define modeling in your own words?

I think modeling doesn't mean exposing your body. It’s more about you ambassador for some brand. You don’t do modeling for exposing your body but you do it to show how good any product or any brand looks on other people. It’s not about exposing yourself but showing goodness of any product.

7) How do you find people responding towards the modeling field in Nepal ?

I think there is good position of modeling in Nepal. Many girls are coming to this field and they are doing good. But still, Nepal is lacking far behind in this field. As we can find neighbor country India has gone far away in this field. So, Nepal needs to develop a lot and it is developing also.

8) Though you have spent very short period in this field but how was your experience?

It was very good. There is no any bad experience. I stayed alone abroad and handled everything alone. Recently, I had gone back to Phillipine ,though my base was Phillipine , but I used to travel all over Japan, Korea, Malaysia for ramp, Coca Cola campaigning. So ,it was amazing and when I look back, I don’t regret. Everything went good, no regret. It was good experience.

9) After returning back to Nepal, how come you happened to establish school?

Oh! In fact my mother-in-law is principal of this school. I am very much interested into business . I have restaurants, I design jewelleries .I wear jewellery designed by myself. I used to run play groups of my mother –in-law after my marriage. But I used to run it alone for many years .I am good with children and students. But at such I am not a teacher, I don’t teach. I just manage the primary levels, I look after it.

10) You are involved in many fields, how difficult has it been for you to manage your family?

I  have managed my family very well. I am very good with children. I make sure their study is going very well. They are good students and doing good. As every child cannot live with their parent for the whole day so I believe in quality time. I try to spend at least one quality hour with them.

12) What do you want your children to be in future? Do you want to see your daughter in the modeling field?

I don’t have any such thought. It’s their life. They can be what they are good in. I have found them more inclined towards music. Might be since husband is also related to musical field and my brothers are also somehow related to musical field, so they are good and interested in singing, dancing, acting. So, I think they will go to the same field in future

13) Are you satisfied with your field and your family ?

Yes, of course, I am satisfied.

14) As you are managing director of 'GYANODAYA BOARDING HIGH SCHOOL' what do you think, is education important to all or not?

Of course, it is necessary for all. But, education doesn’t mean the institutional or formal education. You should have knowledge about outer world also. You should know what is going on around you.

15) As you said you’ve visited many places in the world , then where else have you visited in Nepal?

I have visited many places of Nepal also. Recently, I had been to Gosaikunda, I’ve been to Annapurna range, My intention next is for Tibet. I’ve travelled most of the Nepal. And most of the world also.

16) At last what do you want to say to the upcoming new models in this field?

For them , I would like to say that they should do what they want to do. They shouldn’t compromise on what they are interested to. So come to this field if you are interested but education is also important. Don’t neglect it. Come with talent and education that will help you a lot in this field to exist.


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